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Publishing Open Access with Wolters Kluwer

This informational video provides authors the benefits about publishing their work open access in a Wolters Kluwer journal. It provides insight into gold and hybrid open access, increasing discoverability of your work and funding mandates for APCs.

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Video Series: Discussion with an Editor

In this 8-part video series, Dr. Anne Woods, Chief Nurse of Wolters Kluwer, and Shawn Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Nursing, discuss their experiences pertaining to certain topics within the publishing industry. Among some of the topics discussed in this series are:

  • The global distribution of authors and readers 
  • The relationship dynamics of major stakeholders in publishing a journal 
  • The manuscript submissions process 
  • Expectations of authors in submitting a manuscript 
  • The importance of ethical standards in publication, predatory journals, and the ethics of authorship
  • And more


Part 1 - An introduction to Wolters Kluwer and the American Journal of Nursing

In this video, we introduce Wolters Kluwer’s role as a global publisher of 300 journals in medical, nursing, and allied healthcare, as well as the American Journal of Nursing’s snapshot into publishing cutting edge topics for nurses worldwide. 

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Part 2 - How the American Journal of Nursing helps drive global healthcare research outcomes

In this video, Shawn Kennedy and Dr. Anne Woods discuss the American Journal of Nursing’s offerings, as well as the geographical distribution of authors and readers. The primary focus at AJN is to publish content that will be relevant to nursing professionals across the globe. This approach has made AJN global in its scope and allows authors from anywhere in the world publish relevant content in it.


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Part 3 - The role of publishers, societies, journals, and authors in increasing research discoverability

Dr. Anne Woods and Shawn Kennedy share the critical roles and relationships between major stakeholders – publishers, journals, societies, and authors – in the whole cycle of research dissemination and discoverability.

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Part 4 - Looking at manuscript publishing through a journal editor's lens

The goal of this discussion is to help authors understand the journal workflow and the rigor behind each published paper. Among some of the topics discussed are: selecting the right journal, submitting a manuscript, plagiarism checks, and the entirety of the peer review process. 


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Part 5 – What every journal editor expects an author to do

In this video, Shawn Kennedy and Dr. Anne Woods discuss “do’s and don’ts” for authors to consider when submitting their manuscript. Some considerations include the Aims & Scope, style of the journal, considering the purpose and audience, and the importance of submitting your best quality work. 


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Part 6 - Five unethical publication practices journal editors hate to see

In this video, Shawn Kennedy and Dr. Anne Woods discuss unethical publication practices which are allegedly rampant in publishing and which journal editors need to guard against. 


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Part 7 - Authors beware: How to avoid falling prey to predatory journals and bogus conferences

The discussion in this video centers on predatory publishers, journals, service providers, and conferences. Shawn Kennedy talks about her experience receiving authorship invitations from predatory journals and adds that the open access model also played a part in increasing the number of predatory publishers. Some sources and movements that help authors find credible journals and publishers are discussed. 


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Part 8 - Ethics of authorship from a journal editor’s perspective

Publishing is entering into a new era of heightened sensitivity to identify misdemeanor or fraudulent parties. There are marketplaces where research papers are available for sale. Authors caught of passing off someone else’s wok as their own stand to lose everything including their career and reputation. Shawn Kennedy discusses the roles of the journal Editor and publishers as the “watchdogs” standing guard against these practices. 


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