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Getting Published is a Process

Navigate the process to publication with confidence and submit your own manuscript today. 


From a Marketer's Playbook: Using PAFEO Planning to Promote Your Research

How do you ensure your journal article is read? This article explains how a journals’ marketer uses PAFEO Planning to brainstorm a promotional strategy, and how an author can utilize this in promoting a manuscript to peers.

Demystifying nursing research at the bedside

Nursing research is no longer solely the purview of nursing faculty in academia. Inquiry and science are fundamental to raising the bar in nursing practice, improving the patient experience, and enhancing patient outcomes. Acute care hospital environments provide excellent settings for clinical nurses to conduct research that improves quality and patient safety. This article explores what it takes for clinical nurses to successfully execute a research project.

Free Model to Start Writing Now

Start planning and drafting your research article today with a free online learning model which enables authors to create an article from scratch by following user-friendly cues that walk them through the IMRAD process of scientific writing. This new tool is designed for to help authors quickly prepare their research manuscript and become better writers of scientific literature.



Peer Reviewers Tell All: A Q&A with Expert Reviewers

The work of peer reviewers can remain somewhat mysterious, particularly for the less experienced author. To better understand how a reviewer crafts their decision and formulates comments, we’ve asked 2 expert reviewers, who have collectively reviewed over 150 published papers. 

Predatory Publishing: 10 Things You Need to Know

Do you receive emails from unfamiliar publishers, offering you opportunities to publish in their journals? Have you wondered which of these solicitations, if any, are legitimate? When selecting the best options for publishing your work, don’t fall prey to predatory publishers. This article explains the basics of predatory publishing and provides advice on what to look for so you can protect your research and your reputation.

Writing Manuscripts about Quality Improvement: Squire 2.0 and Beyond

When writing a manuscript about a quality improvement study, it’s always a good idea to develop your manuscript following the Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence, or SQUIRE, guidelines. Although these guidelines may not be required by a publisher when submitting a manuscript, following them.

Transparency in Research and Reporting

A premise of science is that research is meticulous and objective so the results are valid and credible. Published articles should provide clearly written, transparent descriptions of how the research was conducted, results were obtained, and conclusions were reached based on appropriate uses of analytical tools.

What is Altmetrics Counting and How Does it Help Authors?

As an author, you might be curious about the altmetric score and how altmetrics can help you. Fundamentally, altmetrics concerns the measurement of the use of your research article beyond the traditional measures of a journal impact factor, which uses citation counts in scholarly information sources. But what more does it cover?