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Demystifying nursing research at the bedside

Nursing research is no longer solely the purview of nursing faculty in academia. Inquiry and science are fundamental to raising the bar in nursing practice, improving the patient experience, and enhancing patient outcomes. Acute care hospital environments provide excellent settings for clinical nurses to conduct research that improves quality and patient safety. This article explores what it takes for clinical nurses to successfully execute a research project.

Peer Reviewers Tell All: A Q&A with Expert Reviewers

The work of peer reviewers can remain somewhat mysterious, particularly for the less experienced author. To better understand how a reviewer crafts their decision and formulates comments, we’ve asked 2 expert reviewers, who have collectively reviewed over 150 published papers. 

Authorship: An Evolving Concept

The definition of an “author” has become increasingly complicated in recent years. In most other forms of publishing – social sciences, humanities, legal – we assume that three, perhaps four, authors collaborated in the writing of the work. However, the nature of scientific research and reporting means that “authorship” no longer fits into a neat category.

Predatory Publishing: 10 Things You Need to Know

Do you receive emails from unfamiliar publishers, offering you opportunities to publish in their journals? Have you wondered which of these solicitations, if any, are legitimate? When selecting the best options for publishing your work, don’t fall prey to predatory publishers. This article explains the basics of predatory publishing and provides advice on what to look for so you can protect your research and your reputation.

The Journal Impact Factor

The Journal Citation Report provides scores for journals in the areas of science, technology, and social sciences. What, exactly, makes a journal eligible for an Impact Factor?


Promoting Your Work on Social Media

Congratulations on the publication of your article. Now it’s time to share your work with colleagues using social media. How do you craft your message? Consider these five tips when sharing your work on social media


The Peer Review Process

Before your work is published, it must go through peer-review and be accepted into the journal. This process can take time, which leaves an author asking several questions…


Choosing the Right Journal

Selecting the right journal is critical to making sure your paper gets published. Consider five key things when choosing the correct journal to submit your research.