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The biggest thing for authors to remember [when submitting a manuscript] is this is a presentation of your work. It should be the best presentation, it should not have errors and it should be according to guidelines. That’s what tells me you really want to be published in the journal and it shows you are careful and detailed in your work – a big flag for me.


Shawn Kennedy

American Journal of Nursing

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Demystifying nursing research at the bedside

Nursing research is no longer solely the purview of nursing faculty in academia. Inquiry and science are fundamental to raising the bar in nursing practice, improving the patient experience, and enhancing patient outcomes. Acute care hospital environments provide excellent settings for clinical nurses to conduct research that improves quality and patient safety. This article explores what it takes for clinical nurses to successfully execute a research project.

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Start planning and drafting your research article today with a free online learning model which enables authors to create an article from scratch by following user-friendly cues that walk them through the IMRAD process of scientific writing. This new tool is designed for to help authors quickly prepare their research manuscript and become better writers of scientific literature.

Predatory publishing: 10 things you need to know

Do you receive emails from unfamiliar publishers, offering you opportunities to publish in their journals? Have you wondered which of these solicitations, if any, are legitimate? When selecting the best options for publishing your work, don’t fall prey to predatory publishers. This article explains the basics of predatory publishing and provides advice on what to look for so you can protect your research and your reputation.